Blake Dailey

Blake Dailey started his real estate investing career renovating hurricane-damaged homes in Panama City, FL. He has also served as an Acquisitions and Contracting officer in the US Air Force where he has managed contracts as large as $40M. Blake has now bought, renovated, and managed a $17M portfolio of 6 Boutique Hotels in Lake Tahoe, Panama City Beach, and the Smoky Mountains and oversaw the construction management of upwards of $5M in renovations on the projects. Blake also owns his newest 130 unit Hotel and resort where "Boutique Hotel Con" will be hosted.

Tony & Sara Robinson

Tony & Sara Robinson are a husband-and-wife duo turned business partners that have built a presence on social media as STR experts. They went from climbing the corporate ladder to now managing a multi-million dollar STR portfolio.

Their businesses include single family owned STRs, co-hosting, arbitrage, cleaning company and most recently transitioning into Boutique Hotels.

Sarah Weaver

Sarah Weaver is a real estate investor, author, speaker, coach and business owner. Sarah runs three businesses that serve both real estate investors and real estate agents. Sarah owns 19 units in four states. This includes nine furnished rentals, all of which she self-manages from afar. She has traveled to 50 countries on six continents and has been fully nomadic since September 2015 and has mastered the art of building a business remotely.

Bri West

Bri West is an owner of Somerled Designs. She has expertise in identifying the right target audience and design tactics that will truly make an STR property shine. Her exceptional ability to analyze market trends and target specific audiences allows her to come up with innovative solutions that consistently deliver exceptional results. Bri brings her expertise to the STR world, treating each design project as an opportunity to drive a higher return on investment for STR investors.






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